Duke Lancet
Vital statistics
Status Alive
Gender Male
Family Jolly Roger Lancet (father)
Mrs. Lancet (mother)
Clint Lancet (brother)
Faction SAMLIN
Title Prospect
Club Status Active
Portrayed by

Duke Lancet is a SAMLIN prospect and the son of former president Jolly Roger Lancet.


Duke is the older brother of Clint Lancet. They use to enjoy dirt bike racing as kids but Duke quit because Clint beat him all the time. He hates his father for the beatings he got by him as a kid including broken arms and stiches. Duke later join his father's MC that made Roger hate him for getting into the MC life.

The ProspectEdit

Duke calls his brother Clint hoping to get their father's 1911 w/ silencer but Clint wants $200 for rent money. He pulls up with Jackoff and tells Clint he needs it to guard the SAMLIN clubhouse and elder member Wheels while the other members are on a run to Tacoma. He brags that he is brokering a deal that will make them a lot of money. Duke gives Clint a $100 as it all is has and pisses off Clint. He tells Tig to have Clint look at his bike after it starts back firing. He later calls Beatrice and tells her to stay with Clint after the Mayans attack the clubhouse. He later seen at the clubhouse upset that Clint and Beatrice was there and tells Clint to finish off a Mayan that Clint shot after he killed Jackoff.

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