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Duke Lancet is a SAMLIN prospect and the son of former president Jolly Roger Lancet on Sons of Anarchy:The Prospect, a mobile gaming experience created to complement the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Voiced by American actor Alex Polinsky, Duke makes his debut in the game's first episode, "Into the Breach".



Duke is the older brother of Clint Lancet. They use to enjoy dirt bike racing as kids but Duke quit because Clint beat him all the time. He hates his father for the beatings he got by him as a kid, which resulted in many broken arms and stitches. Duke later join his father's MC, and that made Roger hate him for getting into the MC life.

Episode 1:Into the BreachEdit

Duke calls his brother Clint hoping to get their father's 1911 with silencer, but Clint wants $200 to help cover the rent that he and his father are behind on. Duke pulls up with Jackoff and tells Clint he needs it to guard elder member Wheels and the SAMLIN clubhouse while the other members are on a run to Tacoma. Clint is hesitant about the transaction as local police deputy Janet Honeyhill is watching. Tig Trager pulls up and offers to distract the officer while Duke and Clint and their business.

Duke brags that he is brokering a deal that will make the club a lot of money, but only offers to give Clint $100, saying that that's all he has. This pisses off Clint but Clint reluctantly gives Duke the .45. Tig comes back but his bike begins to backfire. Tig thinks he needs a new carburetor but Duke convinces him Clint can fix it. Clint adjusts the air flow on Tig's bike, fixing the tick. Tig asks why Duke is the prospect instead of Clint.

Later on, Tig sends Beatrice to Clint's house to perform sexual favors as thanks. While she is there, Duke calls to tell her to stay with Clint as something was going on at the clubhouse. Beatrice insists they go, and they take Clint's dirt bike. They arrive at the clubhouse to find out that the Mayans are attacking. One shoots and kills Jackoff after he lets them through the gate. Beatrice retrieves Jackoff's gun and gives it to Clint. Clint then shoots the Mayan who killed Jackoff, and begins looking for him. He runs into Duke, who is upset that Clint and Beatrice are there. They find the Mayan who begins pleading for his life, claiming that he is a father and doesn't want to die. Duke reminds Clint he was there to kill all of them, and urges Clint to finish him off. Clint shoots the Mayan, as Duke watches with excitement.