Diana Alvarez is the wife of Marcus Alvarez on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Played by American actress Michelle Diaz, Diana appears only on the episode "Fírinne" in the series' third season.


Season 3Edit


She is seen when Kozik, Piney Winston and Tig Trager come to Alvarez's house to ask him to disappear so they could convince Hector Salazar that they had killed him, which was one of the conditions Salazar had given before he would release Tara Knowles and Margaret Murphy. When Marcus sees them, he draws his gun, believing the Sons are going to attack him. Diana then comes out of the house with a shotgun. Before things get out of control however, the Sons assure the Alvarez family they are only there to talk. Marcus then hands their young daughter, Tessa Alvarez to her, and she goes back inside. ("Fírinne")


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