Daytona 104
Vital statistics
Status Alive
Gender Female
Faction Indian Hills
Title Crow-Eater
Appearances Season 1 - Episode 4 - Patch Over
Portrayed by Nautica Monroe

Daytona is a porn star, crow-eater that works at the Indian Hills clubhouse.


Season OneEdit

Daytona is seen very briefly in the Indian Hills clubhouse when Jury White greets Bobby Munson. Jury tells Bobby that Daytona is $1,200 a night and is his treat. When Tig Trager and Juice Ortiz show up after delivery, Daytona comes from the back to greet them, ends up puking on the bar and falling down.


Season 1 appearances
"Pilot" "Seeds" "Fun Town" "Patch Over" "Giving Back"
"AK-51" "Old Bones" "The Pull" "Hell Followed" "Better Half"
"Capybara" "The Sleep of Babies" "The Revelator"

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