Darvany Jennings
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Vital statistics
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Smothered by Juice Ortiz
Gender Female
Family Matthew Jennings (Son)
Portrayed by Samaire Armstrong

Darvany Jennings was a recurring character in the first episodes of Season 6.


Season SixEdit

She was the girlfriend of Arcadio Nerona. Her son, Matthew, used one of the Sons' KG9s in a school shooting, resulting in his death. Darvany is a heroin addict who was convinced Jax and the Sons were going to kill her to prevent her from ratting on the club. She was kept in the club's cabin to prevent the cops from getting to her. Using a shot gun, she strong armed her way out of the cabin to Gemma's car resulting in her boyfriend getting shot in the head. She was then tied to a bed in the cabin and shot up with heroin by Juice and was then smothered by him on Jax's orders.


Juice killing Darvany.

Season 6 appearances
"Straw" "One One Six" "Poenitentia" "Wolfsangel" "The Mad King"
"Salvage" "Sweet and Vaded" "Los Fantasmas" "John 8:32" "Huang Wu"
"Aon Rud Persanta" "You Are My Sunshine" "A Mother's Work"

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