Darker Dan
Vital statistics
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Faction Grim Bastards
Title Full Patch
Club Status Inactive
Portrayed by N/A
"Uh, a few days ago, Darker Dan and a couple of prospects got run down in, uh, Lockwood Gardens. Dan bled out, prospects are barely hanging in."

Darker Dan is a member of the Grim Bastards. His death sparks a conflict between the Bastards and East Dub.


Season 7Edit

When Darker Dan is out for a ride with Bastard prospects in Lockwood Gardens in Oakland, California, they are run off the road by Dulain and several other members of East Dub driving a blue impala. Dan is mortally wounded and bleeds to death, and the prospects are sent to the hospital. Bastards President T.O. Cross avenges Darker Dan’s death by shooting Dulain in the face.

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