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"Cucaracha/K'uruch" is the seventh episode of the first season of Mayans MC, a spinoff of the FX original series Sons of Anarchy, and the series' seventh episode overall.


New secrets are brought to light, putting the M.C. at odds.



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(not technically a church meeting)

Taza: Alvarez say why the family was at the Calexico checkpoint?

Bishop: All Devante told him was that Galindo got pulled into a back room by border patrol. No one's telling him shit.

Taza: Feds?

Tranq: Feels like it.

(Angel enters): Sorry, I was hoping I'd get a minute? (Bishop motions him to sit) I gotta tell you something.

Bishop: What's going on?

(Angel sits): It's uh, it's fucking tricky. Now I don't wanna s-... You know if I... Telling you this makes me feel like a snitch. With all this shit going on, if I don't say something, then I...

Bishop: Fucking say it, Angel.

Angel: Last week, at the Reed ranch, when we went after Dennis, we chased him onto Riz's land. About 50 yards in, we hit soft dirt. Gilly dropped into a hole, that's why we lost Dennis.

Tranq: What kind of hole?

Angel: We thought it was a fox den or a sink hole at first, but we checked it out a few days later, it was an old tunnel. Abandoned. But it led to another tunnel. An active one. Working lights, fresh prints.

Bishop: A tunnel to where?

Angel: Southern end led to a locked hatch. About a half a mile into Mexico. The other end led to a storm cellar. At the Ariza house. Vicky's place. Bishop, I'm sorry we didn't- sorry we didn't tell you about this right away. You know, we were just trying to figure out the right thing to do. Shit spinning with the rebels, Galindo worrying about a mole. We knew this could throw a lot of heat at Riz.

Bishop: You did the right thing. We'll figure it out. For now, we should just keep it in this room.

Angel: Yeah. Ok. (gets up and leaves)


Bishop: Alvarez is on his way down. Hopefully we'll know more by the time he rolls in.

Creeper: But Galindo's a dual citizen. They're not just gonna hold him for no reason.

Riz: Why the fuck aren't his lawyers crawling up their ass?

Bishop: Maybe they can't find the right ass. (laughter)

Coco: We still making the run?

Taza: Yeah. Business as usual.

Tranq: Maybe we should keep some manpower here. In case we hear from Galindo.

Bishop: Makes sense. Riz, why don't you hang here?

Riz: Yeah. Ok.

(Bishop hits gavel)


(not technically a church meeting)

(everyone packing weapons into bedrolls)

Gilly: Before we knew it, prospect circled back, said something to the cops, and was in the wind.

Tranq: It was a solitary decision.

Taza: He had no bed roll. Knew it was just a harassment stop. What are they gonna get him on? Maybe reckless driving, speeding? Pulls the heat away from this.

Bishop (to Angel): Little brother's got some balls.

Riz: Little brother's here. Just walked in.

Bishop: Send him back.

Riz: Alright. Prospect! (EZ enters)

Bishop (notices EZ's bruises): Shit. What happened?

EZ: I let them catch me when I was clear of the club. Or (?) can do the paperwork for a stack of misdemeanors.

Taza: Took their pound of flesh.

Bishop: You're a smart kid, EZ. Putting yourself on the line for the club, that's commendable. But it was also impulsive and fucking rogue. The kind of shit that will get you killed, or more importantly, get one of us killed!

EZ: Sorry.

Bishop: If it happens again, you're done. And what comes with that, will make the CHP beat down feel like a day at the spa. Get out of here. (EZ leaves) How much more time does he have left?

Angel: About 8 months.

Bishop: I got a feeling it's gonna be a very long 8 months. (laughter)

Taza (to Angel): Gotcha bro.

Riz: Hey guys, I'm gonna head over to Vicky's.



(Unnamed inmate)- Strangled with shirt by Miguel Galindo.

Celia- Drowned in bathtub by Coco.

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  • "Cucaracha" in Spanish means "Cockroach", as does "K'uruch" in Yucatec Maya.

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