A Crow Eater, or a "sweet butt/mama", is a female who hangs around a Sons of Anarchy club house, attends parties and sleeps with members of the MC.

Crow Eaters, unlike old ladies, are not wives or steady girlfriends of any one particular member of the club. The Crow Eaters are basically SAMCRO groupies, available to club members for sex or companionship. 


Cherry is an example of a Crow Eater

Sometimes, a Crow Eater will take interest in a particular member (or vice versa) and thus might end up as an Old Lady. An example of this is Cherry. She was a Crow Eater hanging out at the Indian Hills, Nevada chapter's club house (At the time, before the patch-over, they were called the Devil's Tribe MC). When SAMCRO came visiting, she took an interest in Half-Sack and they were in the process of going steady when she had to escape to Belfast by way of Canada in order to avoid going to prison. Wendy was also a crow eater before she married Jax.

Known Crow EatersEdit

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