Chico Vellenueva
Chico Velleneuva
Vital statistics
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Faction SAMCRO
Title First 9
Club Status Inactive
Portrayed by

Chico Villanueva was a SAMCRO member and one of the First 9.


Chico was 24 when he joined the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club in 1968. He had served in the Marines doing a tour in Vietnam. Like the others, he had nothing to return to and spent his time riding his motorcycle from the border of Mexico, up to Oakland. He was involved in running marijuana for his cousins, giving him plenty of time to enjoy riding. Chico was enjoying a ride, doing stunts on his bike, when he met the club, who were out on a run. He was immediately liked and asked to join. Importantly, he provided them with a liaison with the Mayans Motorycle Club. Chico died in 1976, aged 32.


  • He was the first of the First 9 to die.

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