"I'm not living in a teepee, Clay. The cartel is a risk for you, I know you gotta be charging more for our bullets. I just want to make sure that the Wahewa get their piece."
―Charlie Horse, to Clay Morrow[src]

Charlie Horse is the chief of the Wahewa tribe on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Played by American actor Randolph Mantooth, Charlie makes his debut on the episode "Out" in the series' fourth season. A manufacturer of ammunition for the Sons of Anarchy MC, he also presided over the wedding of Harry 'Opie' Winston and Lyla Winston, and appears once more, in the Season 4 episode "Dorylus".


Season 4Edit


Charlie is present at the wedding of Opie and Lyla and later declares them husband and wife.


Clay and Bobby visit Charlie, who captured a Russian and buried him while being eaten by fire ants. Charlie briefly leaves them alone with the Russian. Clay suffocates the Russian after he overhears him and Bobby discussing sensitive business matters. When Charlie returns and finds the Russian dead, he thinks that SAMCRO is going to betray him, but decides to trust Clay.


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