Charles Turner
Vital statistics
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Shot in the back by Jax Teller
Gender Male
Family Unnamed (brother-in-law)
Faction Black Nation
Portrayed by Unknown
"Been inside more than out."
―Wayne Unser on Charles Turner[src]

Charles Turner was a criminal hired by Frankie Diamonds.


Turner lived in Long Beach and San Diego. He committed armed robbery, assault, domestic violence, and other crimes. In Chino, he joined the Black Nation, though he had no gang affiliations outside prison. He and another member, Ray Barnes, met Frankie Diamonds, a member of the Sons of Anarchy Nomad Charter.

Season 5Edit

Frankie Diamonds, now a rogue member of SAMCRO hires Turner, giving him a custom bike worth approximately $75,000, to do a job for him. Turner and Barnes drive a van up to SAMCRO's cabin and open fire at the bikers. Turner is shot in the back multiple times and killed by Jax Teller. His hand is later cut off so he can be identified.


Season 5 appearances
"Sovereign" "Authority Vested" "Laying Pipe" "Stolen Huffy" "Orca Shrugged"
"Small World" "Toad's Wild Ride" "Ablation" "Andare Pescare" "Crucifixed"
"To Thine Own Self" "Darthy" "J'ai Obtenu Cette"

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