"Well, my uncle didn't handle things the way I would've. Old world shit."
―Henry Lin to Jax Teller on Bohai[src]

Bohai Lin (Chinese: 渤海林) was the leader of the Lin Triad and the uncle of Henry Lin on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Making his debut on the episode "Huang Wu" in the series' sixth season, Bohai appears once more, in the Season 6 episode "You Are My Sunshine".


Season 6Edit

The Cacuzza Crime Family invites the Lin Triad to take part in a gun deal with SAMCRO and the True IRA due to Bohai's connections with Aldo, a member of the Family. When the Chinese arrive, Galen O'Shay kills one of the Triads and wounds Bohai's nephew Henry, causing them to flee. Shortly afterwards, they catch up with SAMCRO and Bohai demands to know the location of the IRA's next gun shipment so he can retaliate. Jax Teller complies, but Bohai takes Happy Lowman hostage as insurance. ("Huang Wu")

Later, Bohai and his men meet with SAMCRO. He is angry because Jax killed Galen, depriving Bohai of the chance to take revenge. Jax refuses to hand over Galen's number two, Connor Malone, so he declines to release Happy and leaves.

Eventually, Jax hands Connor over to Bohai in exchange for Happy. However, it turns out to be a trap, and all of Bohai's men are slaughtered. Bohai himself is shot by Tyler, the leader of the One-Niners. Happy then executes Bohai by shooting him the chest seven times. ("You Are My Sunshine")

Season 7Edit

Henry Lin takes his uncle's place as the leader of the Lin Triad. He mentions Bohai to Jax, saying that Bohai handled things differently than he would have.


  • Judging by Bohai's accent and Henry Lin's comment about "Old World shit," it is likely that Bohai is originally from China.


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