The Black Guerrilla Family is a prison gang allied with the One-Niners on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. They join forces with SAMCRO in the series' second season.


Season 2Edit

After SAMCRO is sent to jail, they are forced to make new alliances to keep themselves safe from the Aryan Brotherhood. Clay reaches out to the leader of the prison's BGF crew, who informs Clay that they will help them on two conditions. SAMCRO must get a snitch named Dion out of the yard and into an area where the Family can get at him, and they must reach outside of the prison to get a transvestite drug dealer named Venus Bell arrested.

It is presumed that this crew is a branch of the BGF, as the leader informs Clay that after he makes good on his end of the deal "Harleys" (presumably referring to a Harley Davidson, implying the members of the MC) would be getting "love from the Family."

Known MembersEdit




  • The Black Guerilla Family is a real life African American prison gang.