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Asian Elvis
Vital statistics
Status Alive
Gender Male
Title Elvis Presley Impersonator/Performer
Portrayed by Jon Jon Briones

Asian Elvis is a stage performer, that models himself after musician Elvis Presley and performed at Tahoe, where Bobby Munson normally took gigs. Popular with the Chinese, Asian Elvis originally took a high-paying gig from Bobby that the owner Simon decided was "better business".


Season 1Edit

Bobby Munson and Half-Sack arrive at Tahoe, where he witnesses a different Elvis impersonator practicing on stage. He looks confused at the owner Simon, saying that he was already booked for tonight, tomorrow with over 5 shows. Simon claims that there's a new girl in booking, who doubled up by accident (resulting in Asian Elvis on stage). Half-Sack tells Simon to just have "Chun King" take a hike, but Simon claims that since there's a 6 busloads of Korean tourists on their way, he'll just have to get Bobby next month. Asian Elvis exits the stage, walking passed the two while using his impersonation of Presley stating "better luck next time Bubba" with a smug grin, closing out with "thank you. thank you very much" as the two bikers watch on.

Later that night, Half-Sack knocks on the dressing room door where Asian Elvis is currently residing. After he convinces the impersonator to open the door, Half-Sack immediately punches him clear in the face and delivers a beatdown while his victim continues to remain in character despite the pain. It's revealed later on that Bobby took his position as Asian Elvis either backed down from performing or was too injured to go on stage. Despite this, the Korean tourists did not appear as pleased with Bobby's performance as they likely would have been with the Asian Elvis.


  • It's noteworthy that he stayed in character during his entire appearance, including his beat-down by Half-Sack. He uttered phrases in his "Elvis" impersonation despite being physically assaulted.
  • Asian Elvis is simply the name given to the character in the credits, his actual name is unknown.


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