Arcadio Nerona
Arcadio 602
Vital statistics
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Shot in the head by Nero Padilla
Gender Male
Family Nero Padilla (Cousin)
Faction Byz Lats
Portrayed by Dave Navarro

Arcadio Nerona is a member of the Byz Lats. He is the cousin of Nero Padilla.


Season 5Edit

Arcadio first appears at the end of Season 5, when the Byz Lats need help dealing with a rival gang lead by Dante. They are assisted by SAMCRO as well as the Mayans.

Season 6Edit

Matthew Jennings, the boy who shoots up the school using a SAMCRO KG9, was the son of Arcadio's girlfriend, Darvany Jennings. Arcadio betrays Nero by trying to help Darvany escape. Arcadio is killed by Nero with a rifle while trying to get into Gemma's car to escape with Darvany. Darvany is later killed by Juice Ortiz on Jax's orders.


Season 5 appearances
"Sovereign" "Authority Vested" "Laying Pipe" "Stolen Huffy" "Orca Shrugged"
"Small World" "Toad's Wild Ride" "Ablation" "Andare Pescare" "Crucifixed"
"To Thine Own Self" "Darthy" "J'ai Obtenu Cette"
Season 6 appearances
"Straw" "One One Six" "Poenitentia" "Wolfsangel" "The Mad King"
"Salvage" "Sweet and Vaded" "Los Fantasmas" "John 8:32" "Huang Wu"
"Aon Rud Persanta" "You Are My Sunshine" "A Mother's Work"

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