Agent Amy Tyler was an agent for the ATF on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Played by American actress Pamela J. Gray, Amy makes her debut on the episode "SO" in the series' third season. Playing a recurring role through the same season, Amy meets her demise in the Season 3 episode "June Wedding".


Season 3Edit

Tyler was killed by Agent June Stahl, with whom she had an intimate relationship with, so that she could posthumously frame her for the murder of Edmond Hayes.


Appearances-Logo-SOA Season 3 appearances
"SO" "Oiled" "Caregiver" "Home" "Turning and Turning"
"The Push" "Widening Gyre" "Lochán Mór" "Turas" "Fírinne"
"Bainne" "June Wedding" "NS"
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