Amelia Dominquez
Vital statistics
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Accidentally stabbed by Gemma Teller Morrow
Gender Female
Faction Dominquez's Caretakers
Portrayed by Monique Gabriela Curnen

Amelia Dominguez was Nate Madock's caretaker.


Season ThreeEdit

Amelia is an illegal immigrant with no family in the United States. She and Tig Trager start a sexual relationship when Gemma Teller Morrow visits her father. Soon after this, Nate shoots Tig, believing Amelia to be his late wife Rose. Amelia later looks up Gemma on the Internet and finds that there is a warrant and reward for her arrest. Gemma, however, manages to subdue her, duct taping her to a wheelchair in the basement. Tara Knowles comes to care for Tig's gunshot wound and ends up caring for Amelia as well. Amelia tricks Tara and breaks free from her restraints. She attacks and tries to stab Gemma, but in a scuffle ends up accidentally stabbing and killing herself. Tig employs the services of Bachman, a "cleaner", who ostensibly disposes of Amelia's body down a slop sink in the basement.


Season 3 appearances
"SO" "Oiled" "Caregiver" "Home" "Turning and Turning"
"The Push" "Widening Gyre" "Lochán Mór" "Turas" "Fírinne"
"Bainne" "June Wedding" "NS"
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